Air Bag Deactivation

What you need to know to make an informed decision

TP 13178 E
March 1998


  • Who should consider de-activating their air bags?
  • What is an on-off switch?
  • What steps can you take to reduce air bag risk without installing an on-off switch?

Why Some People Are at Risk

  • How do air bag deaths occur?
  • Do both children and adults face risks?

Reducing the Risk

  • What is the safest way to ride in front of an air bag?
  • How do I best protect children?
  • What should teenagers and adults do to be safest on the passenger side?
  • How do I stay safe when I am driving?
  • Will following these safety tips guarantee that I will be safe in a crash?
  • Are air bags the reason the back seat is safer for children?

The Air Bag On-Off Decision

  • What if you are, or another user of your vehicle is, not in one of the listed risk groups?
  • Should a pregnant woman get an on-off switch?
  • How do I get an air bag on-off switch?

On-Off Switch Precautions

  • If I turn "off" an air bag for someone at risk, what precautions should I take for others?
  • If I turn "off" an air bag, will the seatbelt provide enough protection?

How Air Bags Work

  • Are all air bags the same?

Future Air Bags

  • Do I need an on-off switch if I buy or rent a vehicle with depowered air bags?
  • Will on-off switches be necessary in the future?

What Restraint is Right for Your Child?

  • Children less than 9 kg
  • Children from about 9 to 18 kg
  • Children more than 18 kg
  • Children who meet following criteria

How to obtain a "Declaration of Requirement for Air Bag Deactivation" Form

How to get the full report:


Air Bag Deactivation
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