Air Bag Deactivation

What Restraint is Right for Your Child?

Always in the back seat!

Children Less Than 9 kg *

Rear-facing infant seat
(secured to the vehicle by the seat belt)

Children from 9 to 18 kg *

Forward facing child seat
(secured to the vehicle by the seat belt and tether strap)

Children more than 18 kg *

Booster seat plus both portions of a lap/shoulder belt
(except only the lap portion is used with some booster seats equipped with front shield)

Children who meet both criteria below:
  1. Their sitting height is 63 cm or more, and
  2. their legs are long enough to bend over the front of the seat when their backs are against the vehicle seat back

Both portions of a lap and shoulder belt

*To determine whether a particular seat is appropriate for your child, see the seat manufacturer's recommendations concerning the weight and height of children who may safely use the seat.

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