Apply to the Explosives Detection Dog and Handler Team Program

Dog handlers that want to provide screening services to air carriers, aerodrome operators and/or Air Cargo Security Program members can apply to the Explosives Detection Dog and Handler Team Program (EDDHT) for certification.

Once certified in the program, your dog handler team will be recognized by Transport Canada as an available screening method for all-cargo, mail and certain aerodrome screening services. This recognized screening method is efficient and effective for detecting explosives.

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Who is eligible

Business with dog handler explosives detection services can apply to the program.

What you need before you start

Have this information ready before you start your online application.

The application may take 20 to 30 minutes to complete.

If you are applying as an employee on behalf of a company, please note that you will need the contact information of the Company Executive (Authorized Personnel) and business information to complete the application.

Once the application is completed you will be directed to submit your application electronically. It is recommended that you print a copy for your records.

Business information and address

The EDDHT Program will only be accepting applications from Canadian registered businesses. We'll need these details to verify your information:

  • business name
  • your nine-digit business number issued by the Canada Revenue Agency
  • physical business address (cannot be a PO Box)
  • company website (optional)

Business name

If your business is a sole proprietorship, use the name that appears on your individual tax return. If your business is a registered partnership, use the names of the registered partners. If your business is a corporation, use the name that appears on the articles of incorporation.

Company Executive

The company executive must have signing authority for the business. They must have the ability to legally bind the business to the terms and conditions.

Natural Resources Canada Explosives Magazine Licence

Applicants are required to possess a valid magazine licence issued by Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) which allows licence holders to acquire, and store explosives. Applicants can apply for explosives licencing online through Natural Resources Canada's website.

Background check for Company Executive

It is a requirement for the Company Executive to have a Government of Canada security clearance in order to have access to the security measures respecting EDDHT. A Transportation Security Clearance (TSC) is the minimum security requirement that will be accepted.

Handler and dog information


Information for each handler requesting certification must be entered into this application in order to participate in the EDDHT Program. Each handler may request certification with a maximum of up to two dogs.

Transportation of explosives

All handler applicants must provide proof of their valid Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) Training Certificate.

Background check for dog handler

Handlers must possess a valid security clearance. A Transportation Security Clearance (TSC) is the minimum security requirement that will be accepted. Handlers that will be providing screening services for air carriers or aerodrome operators will need to apply for a Transportation Security Clearance to obtain a Restricted Area Identity Card.

Dog information

EDDHT certification is specific to the dog and handler. We will need specific information on the handler's dog(s) such as name, breed, date of birth, gender and microchip information. An explosive detection dog may only be part of one team.

How to apply

A dog and handler team that wants to be certified in the EDDHT program will go through an application process which involves several steps.

The first step is an online application that must be completed by either the company executive or the individual dog handler.

Apply online

After you apply

Once the online application has been submitted to Transport Canada, it will be reviewed to determine eligibility.

  • The eligible applicants will be provided with access to Transport Canada's secure portal where they will be directed to read the Explosives Detection Dog Handler Team Security Measures and program guidance material.
  • The dog handler will complete and submit a Security Plan (template only accessible through the secure portal)
  • The Security Plan will be reviewed and approved by TC.
  • Once the Security Plan is approved, the dog handler will be directed to schedule their certification test.  

The certification tests will consist of 2 tests, Odour Recognition Test (ORT) and an Operational Validation Test (OVT). These tests are designed to validate the dog handler team's ability to detect explosive substances, as specified by TC.

Maintaining your certification

Once certified, dog handlers are required to meet the program's high security standards.

Certification is valid for 12 months. It is the responsibility of the handler to contact Transport Canada to arrange for recertification.