Respecting your crew and fellow passengers

Everyone has the right to safe and secure travel. Airline employees and Transport Canada will not allow behaviour that interferes with a flight or puts the safety of passengers and crew at risk.

Under the Criminal Code of Canada and the Aeronautics Act, such illegal behaviour includes:

  • harassment
  • verbal abuse
  • physical assault
  • sexual offences
  • intimidating behaviour
  • drunk or disorderly conduct
  • ignoring smoking regulations
  • drinking personal alcoholic beverages
  • refusing to follow crew instructions
  • endangering the aircraft’s safety

If you do these things before a flight, crew can deny you transport. If you do one or more of them during a flight, the aircraft may make an unscheduled landing and police will meet the aircraft. You may be arrested, charged, and/or prosecuted.

Enjoy your flight and let others enjoy theirs.

Crew members

Crew members create and maintain a safe environment. They are highly trained to get you out of the aircraft quickly in an emergency. Listen to and obey their instructions.

Safety is everyone's responsibility. If you have any safety concerns, please speak to your crew immediately.

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