Carrying passengers

Licences and charter permits, tariffs, baggage rules, flight attendant training.

Services and information

Applying for an air carrier licence or charter permit

Licences, charter permits, wet leases, code-share or blocked-space arrangements.

Requirements for air tariffs

Creating and filing tariffs, public inspection of tariffs.


Interline baggage rules

Baggage rules for single trips involving more than one air carrier.

Advertising air prices

Requirements for advertising all-inclusive air prices.


Requirements for training flight attendants

Flight attendant training standards.

Accessibility standards for air carriers

Persons with disabilities, guidelines for fixed-wing and small aircrafts, technical specifications, maintenance, accessible seating.


Guidelines on air travel performance data collection for large and small air carriers

Data collection, report procedures, data obligations, on time performance, denied boarding, complains, lost or damaged baggage.