Requirements for training flight attendants

Commercial air operators who employ flight attendants must have an approved flight attendant training program. Transport Canada oversees a standard to guide the delivery of approved training for flight attendants. We also require certain content to be included in flight attendant manuals.

These standards apply to all air operators who employ flight attendants in Canada.

Transport Canada does not train or hire flight attendants.

To become a flight attendant, you must first be hired by a "commercial air operator" (airline). Candidates then complete a training program to qualify as a flight attendant with that company. For information about the hiring and training process, we recommend that you contact individual air operators.

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Training flight attendants

Air operators developing a flight attendant training program for approval by Transport Canada must follow the Flight Attendant Training Standard (TP 12296).

Review the standard to find:

  • syllabi for:
    • initial and annual training
    • training by aircraft type
    • requalification
  • training program content, including:
    • learning objectives
    • practical drills
  • Schedule A – Aircraft Exit Compatibility Groups, which has a list of aircraft exits and alternate exits that can be substituted in order to do practical drills (either on the aircraft or with an approved training device)
  • tips for designing a training program

Creating manuals for flight attendants

The Flight Attendant Manual Standard (TP 12295) outlines content that must be included in manuals used by flight attendants – for example, about emergency procedures and equipment.

The standard has two parts:

  • Part A – items that must be covered in the flight attendant manual, and must be carried on board by the flight attendant during each flight
  • Part B – items that must be issued to each flight attendant, but do not need to be carried on board each flight

Part A must meet the standard in order to get approval from Transport Canada. Part B will be audited by an inspector but does not need to be approved.