Aircraft registered in a non-ICAO member state

If you are a commercial air operator registered in a state (country) that has not joined the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), you must get permission before flying to or from a Canadian airport, or through Canadian airspace.

The aviation authority of your State must contact Global Affairs Canada and provide full details of your aircraft’s flight, including:

  • name of operator
  • call sign of the flight
  • type of aircraft
  • aircraft registration
  • seating capacity
  • list of the dangerous goods being carried or the written statement: No dangerous goods are being carried
  • proposed flight routing, including the aircraft’s:
    • last departure point outside Canada
    • first entry point in Canada
    • date and time of arrival at any Canadian airport
    • departures from any Canadian airport
    • places abroad where it picked up or dropped off passengers and freight

The authorities must also submit a written statement that:
The aircraft is airworthy and is being operated under a flight authority which is equivalent to the Certificates of Airworthiness that are issued pursuant to Article 31 of the Convention to ICAO.

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