Drone safety

Flying your drone safely and legally, drone registration, drone pilot certification, where and where not to fly, reporting a drone incident.

Services and information

Flying your drone safely and legally

Rules and regulations, fines and penalties, safety tips.

Privacy guidelines for drone users

Privacy guidelines for recreational, commercial and government drone operators.


Find your category of drone operation

Basic and advanced operations, special flight operations.

Choosing the right drone

Safety assurance ratings and requirements.


Registering your drone

How to register, benefits, penalties, managing your registration.

Where to fly your drone

Search the interactive map, sharing airspace safely, prohibited areas.


Getting a drone pilot certificate

Eligibility, taking an exam, completing a flight review.

Find a drone flight school

Drone flight training, list of schools.


Tips and best practices for drone pilots

Tips for first time pilots, insurance, understanding urban airflows

Get permission for special drone operations

Find out if you need a special certificate.


Report a drone incident

Complete a drone incident report form.

Becoming a flight reviewer for drones

Eligibility, getting your flight reviewer rating online, recency requirements.


Submit a drone safety assurance declaration

Manufacturer safety assurance for new or modified drones.

Help for drone retailers

Retailers can use these products to support a safe and educated drone community.


Drone innovation and collaboration

Drone Centre of Expertise, drones in the Canadian Arctic, test ranges, other partnerships and collaborations.

Notices of government drone operations

Future and ongoing flight operations by Canadian federal government departments and agencies.