General aviation safety video gallery

These videos offer tips and information for general aviation pilots. Watch a video to learn about topics like why it’s important to keep your skills current, or how to take off and land safely.

Title Description Topic Preview

Improving Air Taxi Safety in Canada

Launch video for the Air Taxi Safety Campaign

 General Aviation

How to remain proficient, as well as current as a pilot

Practical tips to help you stay current, proficient and safe, no matter what aircraft you fly.

 General Aviation

Black Holes and Little Grey Cells

Information and safety practices for night visual flight rules

Pilot decision making
General aviation safety video An introduction to general aviation safety.  General Aviation
Through the Overcast - Floats The challenges of flying with floats. ( Best practices
Aircraft Egress Practical tips on how to successfully egress. ( Best practices
Safe take-offs and landings A video explaining the importance of safety in the take-offs and landing phases of flight for general aviation. Best practices
Danger on the Runway The video presents three different runway incursion scenarios and offers strategies to reduce the runway incursion risk. Pilot decision making
Through the Overcast - See and Avoid How to see and avoid during visual flight rules. ( Pilot decision making
Through the Overcast - Professional Pilot Differences between professional and recreational pilots. ( Pilot decision making