How to remain proficient, as well as current as a pilot (video)



Recreational flying can be a lot of fun.

But during all phases of flight you need to make sure you're putting safety first.

The Canadian Aviation Regulations require you to stay current. But how confident are you in your piloting proficiency?

If you're flying just to stay current, you're probably not flying enough to be proficient.

When was the last time you practiced a forced approach, stall or full flap overshoot?

When did you last take advantage of a windy day to work on your crosswind landing technique?

How long has it been since you flew with an instructor?

And most importantly, how prepared are you if a real emergency happens?

Being confident enough to act quickly in an emergency will help you ensure a safe outcome.

Transport Canada wants to help you stay current, proficient and safe, no matter what aircraft you fly.

To stay current, a pilot must meet the Canadian Aviation Regulations requirements every 6 months and at 24 months and 5 years.

Or complete a flight review and pass an Air Regulations examination.

You'll find more information on how to stay current in the Canadian Aviation Regulations, located on the Transport Canada website.

But staying current is only the minimum requirement.

There's a lot more you can do to make sure your piloting skills are proficient... like staying up to date with changes in the Transport Canada Aeronautical Information Manual and regularly reviewing your Pilot Operating Handbook... practicing emergency procedures and flight exercises regularly... and attending Transport Canada and industry seminars which have been approved by Transport Canada.

We encourage you to contact your local flight school or qualified flight instructor to schedule a flight review at least once every two years.

Flying with a qualified flight instructor will give you an opportunity to practice skills that have become rusty.

Following these tips will help give you the confidence to quickly handle any emergency that comes your way.

So you can truly enjoy your time up in the air.

For more information visit our General Aviation Safety web pages.

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