Interim changes to the AME licence application and approval procedures during the COVID-19 pandemic

Notice to: Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) Licence Holders

April 24, 2020


This notice is to provide information on the interim changes to the acceptance of documents sent via email in support of an AME application, and to the validity of AME application forms and approvals to attempt the Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCCA) examinations.

Interim changes:

Submission of Electronic Documents

TCCA will accept AME application forms (24-0083 and 26-0638), supporting documentation and proof of payment sent via email, including translated documents, provided the documents have been certified as true copies of the originals by:

  • A notary public or commissioner for oaths;
  • A TCCA Safety Inspector/Officer or Administrative (Operational) Support personnel; or
  • The holder of a valid Canadian AME Licence.

For more information on the certification of true copies, please consult Appendix A of Maintenance and Manufacturing Staff Instruction (MSI) 18 – Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) Licensing Procedures available at the link below under the “Resources” heading.

Supporting documentation includes proof of:

  • age and citizenship;
  • basic training (graduation certificate, curriculum, hours and marks, as applicable);
  • experience (employment letters); and
  • skill (logbook).

TCCA recommends using the Online payment service to pay the applicable fee available through the link below under the Resources heading.

AME applicants residing in Canada must submit their application, supporting documentation and proof of payment of the applicable fee to the nearest TCCA regional office at one of the email addresses available at the following link:

AME applicants residing outside of Canada must submit application, supporting documentation and proof of payment of the applicable fee to Ottawa Headquarters at

AME Application Forms and Examination Approvals

Form 24-0083 submitted as part of an initial issuance or additional rating will be valid for 18 months rather than the normal 12 months indicated in subsection 566.03(1) Chapter 566 of the AWM.

Form 26-0638 and Form 26-0083 approval periods for TCCA examinations are extended from 12 to 18 months. Existing approved forms will have 6 months added to the original approval date and any new applications received, up until August 31, 2020, will be valid for 18 months instead of 12months.

This change will allow additional time for applicants to submit supporting documentation, for TCCA to review and for applicants to complete any required TCCA examinations.


If you have any questions related to these changes, please contact your local TCCA office:

Chief, Operational Airworthiness

Tel: 613-952-4386


Signed by

Robert Sincennes
Standards Branch, Civil Aviation