Maintenance and Manufacturing Staff Instructions (MSI) No. 18

Subject: Number: MSI 18
Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) Licensing Procedures Revision No: 6
  Number of Pages: 31
File No:  AARP-5009-3-18 Issue Date: 15 March, 2005

1. Purpose

1.1 The purpose of this Staff Instruction is to provide guidance to personnel engaged in the processing of Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) licence applications, including initial issue, additional ratings, licence renewal and reissue. Individuals processing applications are responsible for ensuring that all requirements pertaining to the application and its assessment have been met. This MSI contains procedures to be followed under normal or routine situations.

2. General

2.1 The Regulations and Standards pertaining to the issue, additional rating(s), renewal and reissue of AME Licenses can be found in::

  1. CAR, Part IV, subpart 403;
  2. AME Licensing & Training Standard (STD), 566, Division I, and;
  3. AME Licensing & Training Standard (STD), 566, Division II

2.2 Information with respect to AME Licensing and Training can also be obtained through:

  1. Maintenance Policy Letter (MPL) 18;
  2. Airworthiness Notices - Series C, and;
  3. Transport Canada (TC) website at:

3. Headquarters (AARPG) Liaison

3.1 The AME Licensing and Training Division in Headquarters (AARPG) are prepared to provide TCC's with assistance where non-routine situations apply. TCC personnel should discuss the situation in question with AARPG prior to forwarding the information for evaluation. AARPG will provide guidance as required in order to resolve the issue at the regional level or will advise that the file is to be forwarded to headquarters for action.

3.2 The protocol for forwarding general policy queries to AARPG is as follows:

  1. If the query is of a general nature it should be forwarded via the M&M Query Database in accordance with MSI-40. The Standards & Procedures Division (AARPE) will ensure that policy direction and/or interpretations provided in responses to queries are coordinated with AARPG. This will provide a database of information available to all TC personnel, which will ensure a standardized application of policy and procedures.

3.3 The following procedure is to be followed when determining if a request for re-evaluation/assessment of an AME file should be forwarded to AARPG:

  1. If an applicant requests reassessment, but has not provided all necessary information with respect to the basic requirements for a licence (i.e. experience, tasks, etc.), the application does not merit reassessment by AARPG and should be denied by the TCC office, with the reasons for the decision clearly stated in the reply (i.e. insufficient documentation, etc.).
  2. If the Region requests assessment or reassessment, a TCC evaluation is to be completed first and all information (i.e. TCC assessment, application, supporting documentation, etc.) is to be forwarded to AARPG with a request for re-evaluation.
  3. Any "grey" areas of the application should be clearly addressed (i.e. why the region thinks a re-assessment is required).
  4. A recommendation from the Region must also be forwarded with the request (i.e. what may be acceptable or not, and why, etc.).

3.4 AARPG 's function is not to provide an independent assessment but rather to assist the region in the evaluation process and/or provide clarification of the regulations and standards when responding to applicants (i.e. verification/concurrence of TCC assessments).

3.5 If applicants are informed of not meeting the necessary prerequisites by the Region, and then attempt to communicate directly with AARPG, they will be redirected back to the applicable region.

4. Licensing Databases

4.1 Aircraft Maintenance Engineer System (AMES)

Should TCC's require information pertaining to a file that is not in their region, a check of the AMES database file should be conducted first. If the AMES system does not identify the expected information (i.e. renewal of a licence or previously written exams) then the Region in which the 5802 file is retained should be contacted, which can normally be determined by the applicants address.

Note: The AMES system does not identify the 5802-file region. In order to determine where the file is a check of the Records Management Information System (RMIS) will have to be performed or have their local Information Management group (Central Records) check for the applicable region.

Tombstone data is entered into AMES (i.e. applicants name, file number, etc.) during the examination scanning process by the applicable TCC.

Refer to MSI #48 for further information on the AMES system.

5. Mailing of Regulatory Information/Publications - Terminating Action

5.1 Where a request is received for the termination of mailed-out regulatory information, or other publications normally received by the holder of a valid AME licence, the following procedure should be followed:

  1. Request a letter from the individual (or next of kin in the case of a deceased AME) to support the terminating action.
  2. Update the AMES system as required and notify the Publications group (1-800-305-2059 or 613-993-7284) outlining the reason for the termination and requesting appropriate action.
  3. Retain the original request on the applicant's TCC file.

6. Access to Information

6.1 The following guidelines should be followed when handling queries regarding the status of an individual's AME licence and/or application:

  1. Information relating to licence validity may be divulged (i.e. Is licence valid? - yes/no - date of validity), however if the licence is invalid for any reason (i.e. due to suspension) do not specify the reason for that status;
  2. Information regarding the licence ratings and associated privileges may be provided, as this is public knowledge;
  3. Information relating to an individual's address, citizenship, or other data not directly related to rating privileges must not be given out;
  4. Files and completed application forms containing information of a personal nature must not be divulged. 5802 files and related correspondence, including AMES or DAPLS printouts, are to be handled as "Protected" material.

7. Appendices

7.1 Attached to this staff instruction is a series of Appendices, which will provide the necessary AME Licensing Procedures to ensure a standardized interpretation of STD 566. Each appendix will be enabled by the effective date of this MSI, as indicated in paragraph 8. Whenever a new appendix is added or an existing appendix is revised, MSI-18 will be reissued with a new revision.

8. Effective date

8.1 This instruction comes into effect immediately.

9. HQ Contact

9.1 The responsible officer indicated below may be contacted for information regarding this MSI:

Superintendent, AME Licensing & Training (AARPG)
Aircraft Maintenance & Manufacturing
Phone: (613) 952-4392
Facsimile: (613) 952-3298

D.B. Sherritt
Maintenance and Manufacturing

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