Approved Check Pilot course

The Approved Check Pilot (ACP) course teaches pilots how to conduct pilot proficiency checks. Courses are given by Transport Canada and by course providers approved by Transport Canada.

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About the ACP course

The course covers procedures for:

  • pre-flight activities including the flight check briefing
  • flight checks and performance standards for flight check sequences
  • post-flight activities including debriefing and completing flight check documentation

ACP (initial) course

The ACP (Initial) Course is for pilots taking an ACP course for the first time. It emphasizes instrument flight rules and procedures. During the course, pilots gain practical experience by conducting two flight check grading sessions.

ACP (recurrent) course

The ACP (Recurrent) Course is for pilots who’ve already taken an ACP course and who need to keep up to date with any changes. The course offers a workshop during which pilots grade a series of flight check scenarios.

Ordering related training material

You can order a DVD of the video Evaluating Crew Resources Management – (TP 14691), which includes 5 in-flight scenarios and two post-flight briefings, from the TC publications order desk.

Approved ACP course providers

The following organizations are approved by Transport Canada to offer the ACP course:

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