Approved Check Pilot (ACP) and Advanced Qualification Program Evaluator (AQPE) Bulletins

Approved Check Pilot (ACP) and Advanced Qualification Program Evaluator (AQPE) bulletins help the civil aviation community keep up to date with changes to policy and procedures.

Bulletins remain in effect until cancelled or integrated into the applicable guidance document(s) at the next amendment cycle.

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Supplementing hard-copy manuals and flight test guides

These bulletins may be printed on contrasting paper such as blue paper to be inserted in your manuals and flight test guides for your convenience.

Active bulletins

Bulletin number Date Subject
01/23 2023-07-24 New Online Pilot Proficiency Check (PPC)/ Line Operational Evaluation (LOE) Flight Test Reports
01/22 2022-04-01 Expansion of ACP (Type M) Authority
01/21 2021-11-24 Advisory Circular (AC) 700-062 – Phased PPC
04/20 2020-12-15 Scripted Pilot Proficiency Checks (PPCS) - Aeroplanes
(Revision 10)

COVID-19 response measures, updates and guidance

Due to the COVID-19 situation, this bulletin has been reactivated and extended to provide some policy related alleviations and to facilitate ongoing communications with ACP/AQPE stakeholders.

02/20 2020-03-04 Helicopter ACP Recent Experience Requirements
01/20 2020-02-17 Modernization of Training and Checking
03/19 2019-10-22 Revisions to Helicopter Flight Test Guide
02/19 2019-10-08 Removal of Circling Minima at Major International Airports in Canada
01/19 2019-04-15 Approved Check Pilot (ACP) Type A (VFR-only) – Practical Training Requirements (Initial Course)
03/18 2018-12-17 Changes to Approved Check Pilot (ACP) and Advanced Qualification Program Evaluator (AQPE) Monitor Checks
02/18 2018-11-11 Helicopter Pilot Proficiency Check (PPC) Assessments
01/18 2018-04-17 Helicopter Approved Check Pilots (ACPs) – Maximum aircraft types on an accreditation, recency requirements, and maximum number of VFR flight checks per day
(Revision 1)
2017-04-05 Approved Check Pilot (ACP) Manual (10th Edition)
(Revision 1)
2016-02-22 Instrument Rating - Exemption to Canadian Aviation Regulations (CAR) 401.03(1)(b) and CAR 401.48 (NCR 040-2015)