Advanced Qualification Program Evaluator Manual - TP 14672


This manual contains the policies, procedures and guidelines that pertain to the Advanced Qualification Program (AQP) Evaluators. It is published for use by Civil Aviation Safety Inspectors (CASIs), air operators and AQP Evaluators.

AQP Evaluators are authorized to conduct AQP Validations and Evaluations on behalf of Transport Canada. They receive their authority and are approved by the Technical Team Lead Certification and Quality Assurance, National Operations. When performing their duties, AQP Evaluators are first and foremost acting as delegates of the Minister according to subsection 4.3(1) of the Aeronautics Act thus it is imperative that the policies and procedures specified in this manual be adhered to.

CASIs will also abide by the policies and procedures specified for the approval and monitoring of AQP Evaluators as well as the conduct of AQP Validations and Evaluations.

Who this guide is for

  • Civil Aviation Safety Inspectors (CASIs)
  • Air operators
  • Advanced Qualification Program (AQP) Evaluators

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In this guide

Policies, procedures and guidelines pertaining to AQP Evaluators.

Details and history

Edition:    First edition
Published:    February 2007
Updated:    Revision 1
Published    September 2021

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