Approved Check Pilot (ACP) and Advanced Qualification Program (AQP) Evaluator Bulletin No. 02/19



Subject: Removal of Circling Minima at Major International Airports in Canada


  1. The purpose of this bulletin is to address the impact on Pilot Proficiency Checks ( PPCs ) resulting from the removal of circling minima at major international airports in Canada.


  1. NAV CANADA’s Notice of Change (Effective 25 April 2019) indicated the removal of Instrument Approach Procedure ( IAP ) circling minima from major international airports in Canada. Airports affected are CYYZ , CYUL , CYYC and CYVR .
  2. At other international commercial flight aerodromes in Canada, circling minima have been restricted to certain IAPs . Airports affected are CYYT , CYQX , CYJT , CYHZ , CYQB , CYMX , CYOW , CYHM , CYWG , CYEG and CYYJ .
  3. While circling approaches at major airports are not typically representative of operational conditions encountered by some air operators, they have been used in the past to facilitate PPCs (e.g., circling at CYVR ).
  4. The removal of IAP circling minima has therefore impacted some PPCs conducted in a simulator.


  1. Simulators that have received an initial circling qualification may have additional circling scenes approved by an Approved Check Pilot ( ACP ).
  2. Guidelines for ACPs to follow are found in Guidance Bulletin NSEP GB-12 (RDIMS 6623523). This document is controlled by Transport Canada’s National Simulator Evaluation Program ( NSEP ).
  3. The ACP Manual (10th Edition) requires that PPCs incorporate realism and make use of current publications. The use of simulator repositioning is allowed but is to be used sparingly.
  4. A Scripted PPC or Plan of Action that requires repositioning to an airport that has circling minima is acceptable and may be beneficial; especially if it is representative of operational environments encountered by the PPC candidates.
  5. ACPs who may be involved in approving additional circling scenes should obtain a copy of Guidance Bulletin NSEP GB-12 from their Transport Canada Issuing Authority or the National Simulator Evaluation Program AAROA . The National Simulator Evaluation Program ( AAROA ) office may be reached at 613-617-6081.

Effective Date

  1. Guidance in this bulletin is effective immediately.


// 8 October 2019 - signed //

Deborah Martin
Commercial Flight Standards ( AARTF )