Approved Check Pilot (ACP) / Advanced Qualification Program (AQP) Evaluator Bulletin No. 01/22

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Subject: Expansion of ACP (Type M) Authority


  1. The purpose of this bulletin is to announce that the ACP (Type M) authority is now available to all ACPs and AQPEs who meet the eligibility requirements and are employed by an eligible air operator.


  1. ACPs and AQPEs who have Type M authority are authorized to conduct recurrent monitor checks on other company ACPs and AQPEs. Initial monitor checks can only be conducted by a Civil Aviation Safety Inspector.
  2. The Type M authority was introduced in January 2019 on a trial basis and was only available to ACPs and AQPEs employed by eligible air operators in subpart 705, and ACPs employed by four purposely-selected air operators in other subparts.
  3. The trial is now complete and the results confirmed that ACPs and AQPEs who conducted recurrent monitor checks contributed substantially to the quality and effectiveness of the ACP and AQP programs. Type M authorization is now available in subparts 702, 703, 704 and 705.
  4. Eligibility requirements and details on the Type M authorization are described in Advisory Circular 700-051, Monitor Checks on Approved Check Pilots and Advanced Qualification Program Evaluators, which is available at the following URL:

Additional Details

  1. Eligible air operators can initiate the process to nominate ACPs and AQPEs for Type M authority in accordance with the procedures defined in section 4.5 of AC 700-051.
  2. ACPs and AQPEs must complete a two-day Monitor Check Course prior to exercising Type M authority. The course is conducted by Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCCA), with near-term courses scheduled to take place at a TCCA facility at Toronto Pearson Airport on the following date(s):
    • (a) April 12-13, 2022
  3. Additional courses will be conducted as required and will be published on the ACP / AQP website at the following URL:
  4. TCCA regions are required to submit the name, air operator and contact information of Type M applicants for course loading to the following email address:
  5. Candidates attending the Monitor Check Course will receive course confirmation and details via email from the ACP/AQP Program Coordinator in advance of the course.


//signed by//

Roger Gravelle
Acting Chief
Commercial Flight Standards (AARTF)