Approved Check Pilot (ACP) / Advanced Qualification Program (AQP) Evaluator Bulletin No. 01/20



Subject: Modernization of Training and Checking


  1. The purpose of this bulletin is to inform industry ACPs and AQPEs of the opportunity to participate in a joint TCCA / industry working group to enhance the relevance and effectiveness of training and checking in commercial aviation.


  1. The details of this initiative are described in a TCCA communique that was distributed to Industry Associations, which addresses both general and commercial aviation. The information in the communique that is applicable to commercial aviation (Subpart VII) is as follows:

    Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCCA) is commencing efforts to enhance the relevance and effectiveness of the regulatory framework that guides training and checking practices in commercial and general aviation.

    Industry’s inputs and participation in this activity are essential to generate agreed-on changes that enhance both aviation safety and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of training within industry. This collaborative effort will look towards solutions that embrace principles contained in practices such as Competency-Based Training (CBT) and Evidence-Based Training (EBT), as advocated by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). Options will also be evaluated to implement the ICAO recommendation to leverage synthetic training to a greater extent in pilot training and checking activities.

    With respect to training and checking in commercial aviation, themes that will be evaluated include the following:

    • Reducing the emphasis on ‘checking’ in favour of ‘learning’;
    • Shifting towards a grading model that assesses overall pilot competency versus basing competency on individual manoeuvers;
    • Evaluating training and checking models such as EBT , CBT and Training to Proficiency;
    • Assessing areas that can be improved in the Advanced Qualification Program (AQP) and initiating efforts to enable this program in the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs);
    • Better evaluating the competencies and skillsets applicable to being a pilot-in-command (versus SIC);
    • Promoting the use of Flight Training Devices (FTDs), particularly in subparts where FTDs are under-utilized, by maximizing the manoeuvers eligible for training and checking credits; and
    • Enhancing the qualification requirements and training for company Training Captains.

TCCA ’s intent is to establish a joint regulator/industry working group to develop the concepts and regulatory changes for commercial aviation that are required to support the above effort. The Industry Associations are invited to coordinate industry participation by nominating representatives for the working group. A total of fourteen fixed-wing and six rotary-wing representatives can be accommodated. Nominees require extensive experience in training and checking and should have a working knowledge of CBT and EBT concepts. At least one representative requires a comprehensive knowledge of AQP . TCCA will select representatives from the list of nominations based on the desire to establish the right balance of experience and subpart representation.

In terms of commitment, it is envisioned that the working group will convene in Ottawa for three days in the May 2020 timeframe. Follow-on efforts amongst the group will be conducted by email and telephone/web conference on an as required basis. It is anticipated that the working group’s primary efforts will be completed within a 24 to 36-month period, culminating in the necessary changes to regulations, standards and guidance materials - (some changes may be implemented earlier). Industry will have an opportunity to review and comment on any Notice of Proposed Amendment through the Canadian Aviation Regulatory Advisory Council (CARAC) process.

Funding to participate in this initiative will be the responsibility of participating organizations. Industry Associations are kindly requested to coordinate and submit nominations no later than March 20, 2020 to the TCCA OPI (John Smith) @ Nominations should include a brief summary of experience, particularly in the area of training and checking, as well as contact information. Industry Associations will be informed of the names selected for the working group.

Next Steps:

  1. As stated above, Industry Associations will be the focal point to coordinate and submit industry nominations for the working group. ACPs and AQPEs that are interested in participating in the working group should inform their appropriate supervisor. Nominations forwarded to the Industry Associations must be coordinated through company management.
  2. Please direct questions or comments on this initiative to the ACP Program Manager at:


Deborah Martin
Commercial Flight Standards ( AARTF )