Information for ACAP applicants

The Airports Capital Assistance Program (ACAP) helps eligible airports pay for capital projects to maintain and improve safety. Any owner or operator of an eligible airport may apply for funding.

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Criteria for funding levels

Funding depends on the amount of airport activity. The criteria is the average number of scheduled commercial passengers for the last 3 calendar years, based on data from Statistics Canada. We verify these statistics on all applications.

Year-round regularly scheduled commercial passengers Percentage of ACAP funding
1,000 to 49,999 100%
50,000 to 74,999 95%
75,000 to 99,999 90%
100,000 to 124,999 85%
125,000 to 149,999 80%
150,000 to 174,999 75%
175,000 to 199,999 70%
200,000 to 224,999 65%
225,000 to 249,999 60%
250,000 to 274,999 55%
275,000 to 299,999 50%
300,000 to 324,999 45%
325,000 to 349,999 40%
350,000 to 374,999 35%
375,000 to 399,999 30%
400,000 to 424,999 25%
425,000 to 449,999 20%
450,000 to 474,999 15%
475,000 to 499,999 10%
500,000 to 524,999 5%
More than 525,000 0%

We will pay at least 85% of approved project costs for airports north of the 60th parallel.

After you apply

We’ll update you on the status of your application by email.

Please note that we may ask for financial reports for the airport’s last 3 calendar years.

We may also ask for more information after completing a technical review of your application.

Apply for ACAP funding

Requirements if your project is approved

If your project is approved for funding, we’ll send you a contribution agreement to sign. It will tell you the:

  • nature and scope of the agreement
  • maximum amount the program will pay towards your project
  • conditions you must follow

How you will receive payments

The contribution agreement requires you to have a competitive tender process. We may ask to review any tender documents, as stated in the agreement’s audit and evaluation section.

For airside rehabilitation and air terminal rehabilitation projects, we’ll:

  • provide funds for eligible project costs you incur and pay, based on invoices or proof of payment, and
  • hold back at least 10% of the funds until we receive proof that you’ve fully met the terms of the contribution agreement

For mobile equipment projects:

  • Final payments are issued following competitive tender and contract award
  • Amounts paid are up to the maximum allowed amount for equipment, plus eligible taxes and shipping
  • Costs for optional equipment or accessories that exceed the maximum allowed amount will be your responsibility

If a review is needed

We may contact you for more information if we decide an environmental review is required under the Impact Assessment Act.

We’ll review your project at an early stage to find out if it could negatively affect an Indigenous or treaty right, and will offer you guidance if a consultation is required.