Service standard for aircraft landing

Transport Canada provides aircraft access to movement areas in accordance with available aeronautical information.

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Service aspects/delivery targets

Fee:  Aircraft Landing Fee

Accessibility: Access will be provided in accordance with available aeronautical information.

Responsiveness: The airport operator will make every attempt to respond to requests for basic services.

Communication: Hours of operation will be communicated to clients. Advance notification of changes in hours of operation will be provided. Emergency operations affecting clients and airport closures due to weather or other factors will be communicated as far in advance as practical and in accordance with established procedures.

Performance measurement

The airport operator will report annually the total landings, and the landings not possible due to factors other than those described above.  The dispute management procedure will provide another indicator. Cases of unsatisfactory levels of service will be followed–up by the airport representative.

Complaint feedback mechanism

Transport Canada provides a range of opportunities for feedback including annual meetings, comment cards and web feedback. Clients are encouraged to provide comments, concerns, or complaints directly to the airport manager at the TC owned and/or operated airports. The Canada Flight Supplement (CFS) – an essential tool for clients, identifies contact information for each airport. Regular users and commercial scheduled carriers communicate regularly through established channels with the airport representative. A list of TC owned and /or operated airports for which this service standard applies, and contact information is attached.

List of TC owned and/or operated airports

Airport Contact Number
Churchill 204-675-8868
Havre-Saint-Pierre 418-962-8211
Îles-de-la-Madeleine 418-969-4337
Lourdes-de-Blanc-Sablon 418-461-2514
Penticton 250-492-6042
Port Hardy 250-949-6424
St. Anthony 709-454-3192
Sandspit 250-637-5313
Sept-Îles 418-962-8211
Wabush 709-282-5412