Reporting Major Modifications and Major Repairs

by Ryan Hennigar, Program Manager Maintenance Performance Standards, Operational Airworthiness, Standards Branch, Civil Aviation, Transport Canada

A person performing a major modification or repair must report it. Any major modification or major repair performed on a type certified Canadian registered airc raft must be reported to Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCCA). To clarify the reporting requirement in CAR 571.12, we will answer these questions:

  • When to report;
  • How to report;
  • What to report;
  • Who must report; and
  • How to report for foreign aeronautical products?

When to report?

The definitions of “major modification” and “major repair” in CAR 101.01 apply to aeronautical products to which a type certificate has been issued: an aircraft, engine or propeller. When a modification or repair that has been classified as major according to the definitions is performed on an aircraft, propeller or engine, or is performed on a part that is to be installed on an aircraft, the details of the major modification or major repair must be reported.

How to report?

The reporting requirement in CAR 571.12 refers the reader to Standard 571.12 for reporting procedures. There is no longer an official TCCA form to use, like there was in the past. There is now flexibility in the way major modifications and repairs are reported; but, there are specific details that must be included and a format to follow, including numbered blocks and headings. These formatting requirements are described in Standard 571 Appendix L.

What to report?

The information in the report must be accurate and describe in detail the work that was performed. Information about the aeronautical product (e.g. aircraft, registration and owner) and details regarding the work accomplished must be reported. The description of the work accomplished needs to be clear, concise, and legible and accurately describe exactly what was done on the aeronautical product; location of the repair or modification, specific data used, and its details and reference such as an STC number or manufacturer’s installation instructions. When quoting references such as the FAA AC 43.13, specific reference to the chapter, section and paragraph is required.

Who is required to submit the report?

CAR 571.12 states that the person who performs a major modification or major repair shall report it. This could be the holder of an appropriately rated AME licence or a representative from the approved maintenance organization (AMO). A copy of the report must be submitted to TCCA within 30 days following the aircraft’s return to service.

How to report for foreign aeronautical products?

TCCA has entered into several international agreements or arrangements on maintenance with civil aviation authorities (CAA) around the world. These agreements/arrangements detail modification data, repair data and the reporting requirements that AMOs must follow when performing work on foreign aeronautical products. Depending on the agreements/arrangements, some of these details may be in the AMO’s maintenance policy manual (MPM) supplement. Some foreign agreements/arrangements require the use of forms and procedures specified by the foreign CAA. AMOs must be familiar with the terms of the agreements/arrangements they are working under.