Resuming Travel with your Family Soon?

by Technical, Programs and Evaluations Team, Standards Branch, Civil Aviation, Transport Canada

Although children under 2 years old may be held in your arms during a flight, Transport Canada highly recommends that you use an approved child restraint system (car seat) for all phases of the flight. Any car seat intended for use on board an aircraft must have a statement of compliance label indicating the date it was manufactured and confirming that it meets the applicable design standard.


  • Planning is key
  • Child restraint systems
  • One passenger for each child under 2 years old

For the safety of both adults and children, the Canadian Aviation Regulations require that no passenger can be responsible for more than one infant (child under the age of 2). If you have two children under the age of 2, another passenger must accompany one of your children, even if you buy seats for them.

The use of a car seat provides the best protection for the infant or child and minimizes the effects of unanticipated turbulence. Using a familiar car seat will make your child more comfortable and you can also use it when you reach your destination. Always check with your airline for specific policies, follow the manufacturer’s installation instructions, and tighten the aircraft seatbelt through the correct path on the car seat. Child restraint systems approved for aircraft, along with a list of devices that are not approved, can be found on the Web site listed below.

For more information, along with some packing and pre-boarding tips for a smooth and pleasant flight, check out the Taking children on a plane Web page.