1. Introduction

This training standard outlines the minimum requirements for compliance with the regulations respecting the use of aircraft in airline operations, and contains three components:

  1. TRAINING SYLLABUS - Identifies the main subjects required for Initial, Annual, Aircraft Type, and Requalification Training.
  2. PROGRAM CONTENT - Specifies the training objective, scope, specific information associated with each of the subjects; and the practical drills which must be completed.
  3. SCHEDULE A - AIRCRAFT EXIT COMPATIBILITY GROUPS - Identifies exits by aircraft type, and where applicable, identifies a compatible alternative for that exit.

When developing training programs for regulatory approval, the air operator shall incorporate the components from this standard, which are applicable to their operation (e.g. aircraft type, model, series operated; applicable regulatory requirements/standards; safety and emergency equipment carried etc.).

Note: Optional items, guidance information, recommended practices, explanations, and other information items will in all cases be italicized and where applicable, be shown in an enclosed box. These items do not form part of the standard, but provide additional information for the assistance of users of this standard.

Information published in an air operator’s Flight Attendant Training program may be organized in a different order than presented in this Standard, however, the air operator must provide a detailed index/cross reference.