2.1 Air Operator

Training Objective:

The trainee will be able to describe the roles and responsibilities of the air operator, which have been legislated in the interests of aviation safety.


Operating Requirements
Operations Manual/Flight Attendant Manual

2.1A Operating Requirements

2.1A.1 Describe the air operator's operating policy as it relates to safety and requirement to maintain this safety emphasis.

2.1A.2 Describe the relationship between regulatory requirements and the air operator's policy and procedures.

2.1A.3 Describe the air operator's responsibility to conduct operations according to approved procedures and to ensure that any companies contracted by the air operator also comply with these procedures.

2.1A.4 Identify the requirement to have an organizational chart with clearly defined reporting responsibilities. Clearly outline the organizational links between pilots (Flight Operations) and flight attendants.

2.1A.5 Identify the requirement for the air operator to provide appropriate training ensuring crew member competency in safety and emergency duties relating to the carriage of passengers.

2.1A.6 Identify the air operator's policy and procedures for the reporting of accidents and incidents. Include information regarding investigations and follow-up that may occur.

2.1A.7 State the air operator's responsibility to ensure that whenever more than one flight attendant is carried, one flight attendant is designated as in charge.

2.1A.8 Describe the air operator's responsibility to ensure that the minimum crew is carried.

2.1A.9 Identify the circumstances when the air operator may delegate crew duties to persons who are not crew members. (Authority issued by an Operations Specification)

2.1B Operations Manual/Flight Attendant Manual

2.1B.1 Define Operations Manual and Flight Attendant Manual. Describe the air operator's responsibility to develop and maintain an operations manual and a flight attendant manual and for ensuring crew members are familiar with the portions relating to their duties.

2.1B.2 Identify the Flight Attendant Manual as part of the Operations Manual, and as a required and legislated separate publication. Describe its contents and the requirement to have an up-to-date manual readily available by each flight attendant during flight.

2.1B.3 Describe the means used by the air operator's to update, revise and amend the Flight Attendant Manual, and the requirement of the flight attendant to maintain an up to date manual at all times.