3.10 Service to Passengers on the Ground

Training Objective:

The trainee will be able to identify what is meant by service to passengers on the ground, the conditions under which this can be accomplished and the procedures to do so.


Crew Responsibilities

3.10A General

3.10A.1 Describe service to passengers on the ground and the types of service, which may be provided in normal situations and also in abnormal situations (delays).

3.10A.2 Identify when this service is to be offered and who is responsible for making this decision.

3.10B Crew Responsibilities

3.10B.1 Identify the need for crew communication and coordination whenever passenger service is being offered on the ground (e.g. crew to let pilot know service is taking place and pilot to let crew know how much time before aircraft movement on the surface).

3.10B.2 State the requirement for the pilot-in-command to give crew adequate notice prior to aircraft movement so that equipment and supplies may be stowed and pre-take-off duties can be completed.

3.10B.3 Describe the prohibition against removing trolleys or serving carts from their stowed positions while aircraft is on the ground.