3.12 Pre-Take-off and Pre-Landing

Training Objective:

The trainee will be able to identify safety procedures associated with take-off, landing, aircraft movement on the surface and be able to implement them.


Cabin Preparation
Crew Responsibilities
Abnormal Situations

3.12A Cabin Preparation

3.12A.1 List the preparations which must be completed to secure the cabin prior to aircraft movement on the surface, take-off and landing and identify crew responsibilities to do so.

3.12A.2 Describe crew communication procedures prior to aircraft movement advising the pilot-in-command that all passengers are seated.

3.12A.3 Describe the procedures in place to ensure that the cabin of the aircraft is secure prior door closing, and the commencement of aircraft movement on the surface, take-off/landing.

3.12A.4 Describe the requirements and procedures for stowing equipment and securing galleys.

3.12B Crew Responsibilities

3.12B.1 Define "critical phases of flight", when this is in effect and the procedures associated with it.

3.12B.2 Define "sterile flight deck", and associated procedures.

3.12B.3 Identify the potential hazards to flight safety of violating the sterile flight deck rule with non-safety related issues.

3.12B.4 Identify when crew members are required to violate the sterile flight deck rule. Describe the safety related information that should be conveyed and the need to be clear, concise, specific and timely.

3.12B.5 Define "silent review" and identify the components, when it must be done and who is required to complete it.

3.12B.6 Describe take-off/landing stations and when they are required to be occupied.

3.12B.7 Identify when crew members must have their safety belt and shoulder harnesses fastened at their station/seat.

3.12B.8 Describe the signals used by the flight deck to advise flight attendants that take-off/landing is imminent.

3.12C Abnormal Situations

3.12C.1 Define "rejected take-off", and describe the associated procedures.

3.12C.2 Define "missed approach" and describe the associated procedures.