3.14 Apron Safety

Training Objective:

The trainee will be able to identify the components of apron safety, the responsibilities for passenger movement on airport aprons and the procedures established to accomplish this safely.


Hazard on Aprons
Crew Responsibilities
Helicopter Operators

3.14A Hazard on Aprons

3.14A.1 Identify the hazards associated with airport aprons, (e.g. inadequate lighting, aircraft/ground service traffic, noise and weather).

3.14A.2 Describe the hazards associated with traffic on the apron including aircraft movement, propellers, rotors, jet blast/exhaust vehicles.

3.14B Crew Responsibilities

3.14B.1 Identify the established procedures and requirements for escorting passengers across airport aprons.

3.14B.2 Describe the coordination required between crew members and ground staff to ensure passenger safety (e.g. stairs in place, props are secured) and ways to achieve it.

3.14B.3 Identify the responsibilities for opening/closing, locking/unlocking airport terminal doors.

3.14C Helicopter Operators

3.14C.1 List the apron safety hazards associated with helicopter operations.

3.14C.2 Describe the correct ways to approach a helicopter with and without the rotor engaged.

3.14C.3 Identify communication and coordination procedures between crew and ground staff to ensure passengers are escorted to and from the helicopter.

3.14C.4 Describe when it is safe to board/deplane passengers and who is responsible for this decision, and how this information is conveyed to crew members.

3.14C.5 Describe Operational Regulations differing from fixed wing operations.