3.17 Flight Deck Protocol

Training Objective:

The trainee will be able to identify the procedures associated with entry to the flight deck and service to the pilot(s).



3.17A General

3.17A.1 Identify the credentials/company policy for flight deck entry and describe the authority of the pilot-in-command to give permission for access to the flight deck.

3.17A.2 Describe the policies and procedures for locking/unlocking the flight deck door.

3.17A.3 Describe the components of flight deck protocol, including:

  1. Coordinating passenger visits with pilot-in-command and available oxygen masks (maximum numbers);
  2. Supervising passengers in flight deck;
  3. Awareness of pilot(s) monitoring radio calls;
  4. Briefing passengers on appropriate behaviour in the flight deck;
  5. Meal service to pilots: different meals, ovens, times;
  6. Passing of beverages;
  7. Use of tray to pass beverages;
  8. Insulate hot drinks; and
  9. No alcohol to be served to pilots or flight deck visitors.

3.17A.4 Identify crew communication and crew coordination procedures associated with flight deck visits.