3.20 Oxygen Administration

Training Objective:

The trainee will be able to identify the importance of oxygen, when it may be necessary to administer oxygen, and identify the procedures for oxygen administration using the different oxygen sources on the air operator's aircraft.



3.20A General

3.20A.1 Identify the physiological importance of oxygen.

3.20A.2 List the circumstances when additional oxygen may be required (e.g. decompressions, medical emergencies).

3.20A.3 Identify when oxygen must be available for passengers and crew, and the requirement to brief passengers on the availability of oxygen.

3.20A.4 Describe in general terms the types of oxygen available on the air operator's aircraft including fixed and portable systems.

3.20B Procedures

3.20B.1 Describe procedures for use of the fixed cabin oxygen system.

3.20B.2 Describe procedures for use of the portable oxygen system.

3.20B.3 Describe procedures associated with using the flight deck oxygen system.

3.20B.4 List the precautions whenever oxygen is being administered (e.g. no open flame, monitor supply, etc.).

3.20B.5 Describe the crew communication procedures in each circumstance when oxygen is being used.

3.20B.6 Describe procedures for oxygen provided by passenger or operator for continuous use during flight.

3.20B.7 Describe advice to passengers and who is responsible for briefing the passengers.

3.20B.8 Describe how to administer oxygen to an adult, child and infant.