3.4 Briefings

Training Objective:

The crew member will be able to identify the different types of briefings, which are required by the Operations Manual and the information which must be included in each.


Crew Briefings
Passenger Briefings

3.4A Crew Briefings

3.4A.1 Outline when crew briefings are required.

3.4A.2 Describe the topics to be covered in the crew pre-flight briefing(s).

3.4A.3 Identify the crew member responsibility to ask questions if all the required information has not been given in a briefing or if the information is unclear.

3.4A.4 Identify who is required to attend each type of briefing and their expected level of preparedness and participation.

3.4B Passenger Briefings

3.4B.1 Identify the content of the mandatory announcements and when they must be performed:

  1. Cabin baggage;
  2. Pre-flight safety announcement/demonstration;
  3. After take-off;
  4. En route turbulence;
  5. Pre-landing;
  6. After landing; and
  7. Special attention passenger individual pre-flight briefing.