6.6 Exits

Training Objective:

The crew member will be able to identify the features of each type of exit and flight deck escape route and be able to describe how to use them in any onboard situation.


Normal Operation
Abnormal Operation
Emergency Operation

6.6A General

6.6A.1 Identify safety precautions associated with exit operation. Include potential hazards (e.g. inadvertent slide deployment, injury to crew and ground personnel, etc.).

6.6A.2 Identify the MEL relief given to the operator when an aircraft door or slide is inoperative. Outline the conditions for this relief to be granted and the procedures which must be followed.

6.6B Normal Operation

6.6B.1 Describe the procedures for operating the exit in normal mode including arming/disarming and opening/closing.

6.6B.2 Identify the precautions associated with using the exit in normal mode situations.

6.6B.3 Describe the crew communication and coordination procedures, including any established signals associated with exit operation in normal situations. Identify who is responsible for ensuring that this communication occurs and the importance of this communication for flight safety.

6.6C Abnormal Operation

6.6C.1 Describe the procedures for abnormal operation of the exit, including who is responsible for the exit operation, crew communication and crew coordination procedures.

6.6C.2 Identify any precautions for abnormal operation of the exit.

6.6D Emergency Operation

6.6D.1 Describe the procedures for operating the exit in emergency mode.

6.6D.2 Identify the precautions for using the exit in emergency situations.

6.6D.3 Describe any alternate procedures for use of the exit in the event it becomes unserviceable.

6.6D.4 Identify the visual indicators that verify the off-wing slide, ramp is inflated.

6.6E Airstairs

6.6E.1 Describe the procedures for operating the airstairs in normal, abnormal and emergency situations. Identify the crew member responsibility for airstair operation.

6.6E.2 Identify the precautions relating to use of the airstairs.

6.6E.3 Describe the crew communication and the coordination procedures whenever the airstairs are being used.