7.1 Public Address System and Interphone System Drills

7.1.1 General

  1. Relaying information to fellow crew members and to passengers is an important safety component of the crew member’s duties.
  2. The PA system and interphone system are tools for relaying safety information thus using the systems correctly and effectively increases the probability of the message being received and understood.

7.1.2 Equipment Criteria

  1. At least one public address system and one interphone system of a type installed in the air operator’s aircraft shall be used for the drills.

7.1.3 Performance Criteria

  1. Each trainee shall demonstrate communications techniques on a public address system and an interphone system and perform the following:
    1. Remove the PA microphone/handset from its stowage;
    2. Activate the PA system and (if applicable) verify that it is activated;
    3. Deliver at least one published safety or emergency announcement;
    4. De-activate/reset the system after use;
    5. Re-stow the handset/microphone after use;
    6. Remove the interphone handset from its stowage;
    7. Activate, select station;
    8. Communicate with receiving station;
    9. De-activate/reset the system after use; and
    10. Re-stow the handset/microphone after use.

7.1.4 Evaluation Criteria

  1. Trainee performance shall be observed, rated and debriefed according to:
    1. Correct operations of the systems;
    2. Message clarity(e.g. well-placed, modulated, good volume, confidence, authority, sincerity);
    3. Appropriate usage of announcement (e.g. terminology, pronunciation, enunciation);
    4. Follows air operator’s procedures(e.g. identifies station/name, etc.).