7.11 Flight Deck Observation Flight

7.11.1 General

  1. Crew communication and crew coordination depend on each crew member having an understanding of each other's crew duties, responsibilities, workloads and expectations for all phases of flight. While this knowledge can be taught in a classroom, a move valid forum would be in an actual operating environment.
  2. At least one flight deck observation flight shall be completed prior to a flight attendant becoming qualified and thereafter on an annual basis. The following conditions shall apply.
  3. Crew members shall be in uniform; however, they will be in addition to the minimum crew and shall not be assigned any normal safety or cabin service duties.
  4. Each flight deck observation flight shall include a minimum of two takeoffs and two landings over a total flight time of not less than one hour.
  5. Each flight deck observation flight shall begin at the regular check-in time for the flight deck crew. Crew members shall observe the normal pre-flight pilot duties, e.g., flight planning, weather briefing, flight deck crew briefing, pre-flight walk-around.
    1. Flight deck workloads and safety duties;
    2. Crew communication procedures;
    3. Crew coordination procedures;
    4. Flight deck layout;
    5. Location of emergency equipment;
    6. Location and operation of flight deck windows;
    7. Location and operation of flight deck escape hatches;
    8. Location of controls and operation of pilot and observer seats;
    9. Location and operation of flight deck oxygen; and
    10. Location of emergency checklists.
  6. Each crew member shall participate in a post-flight debriefing on the flight deck observation flight.