7.2 Passenger Briefing Drills

7.2.1 Equipment Criteria

  1. Demonstration equipment typical of all of the equipment used on the aircraft in the operator's fleet.

7.2.2 Performance Criteria

  1. Each trainee shall perform each of the following:
    1. Pre-flight safety briefing to a special attention passenger (e.g. blind, person with a disability, unaccompanied minor);
    2. Individual briefing to an ABP (e.g. exit operation, crowd control, assisting a special attention passenger, assistance on the ground, raft removal and launching); and
    3. Perform a full passenger pre-flight safety demonstration (e.g. signs, seat belts, exits, oxygen, life preserver, floor level lighting, safety features card, etc.).

7.2.3 Evaluation Criteria

  1. Trainee performance shall be observed, rated and debriefed according to:
    1. Completeness of briefing content (e.g. all relevant points included);
    2. Effective usage of communication techniques (e.g. clarity, comprehension, absence of jargon for special attention and ABP briefing);
    3. Correctly modified in accordance with requirements of the individual to whom briefing is being delivered;
    4. Proper usage of eye contact, body language;
    5. Correct usage and simulation of the operation of each piece of demonstration equipment;
    6. Synchronizes demonstration actions with announcement;
    7. Displays confidence and leadership;
    8. Displays openness and ability to answer questions; and
    9. Verifies that briefing points were understood.