Occupational Health and Safety On Board Aircraft - TP 14215

TP 14215 - Occupational Health and Safety On Board Aircraft
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Occupational Health and Safety On Board Aircraft

What is the aim of the Aviation Occupational Health and Safety (AOH&S) Program?

The primary objective of the AOH&S Program is to ensure compliance with the Canada Labour Code, Part II, (the Code), and its pursuant regulations, which together deal with occupational health and safety of employees working on board aircraft in operation.

What is meant by on board aircraft "in operation"?

An aircraft is considered to be "in operation" anytime it is flying in Canada or abroad, as well as anytime the aircraft doors are closed and the aircraft is moving on the ground, under its own power, for the purposes of taking-off or landing.

Where does the AOH&S Program derive its authority?

Transport Canada Civil Aviation administers the Code and its pursuant regulations by virtue of a Memorandum of Understanding with Human Resources and Social Development – Labour Program.

What is the purpose of the Code?

To prevent accidents and injury to health arising out of, linked with or occurring in the course of employment.

What are the Code's pursuant regulations with respect to employees' health and safety on board aircraft in operation?

The Aviation OH&S Regulations.

How does the AOH&S Program work?

The AOH&S Program's objective is achieved through the ongoing monitoring of work places, promotional/educational campaigns, audits, inspections and investigations.

What rights does an employee have under the Code?

There are three basic employee rights entrenched in the Code:

  1. The right to know every known or foreseeable health or safety hazard in the work place and the precautionary measures required to remain safe and healthy.
  2. The right to participate as a member of the Policy Health and Safety Committee, Work Place Health and Safety Committee, or as a Health and Safety Representative.
  3. The right to refuse dangerous work.

Who is responsible for carrying out the AOH&S Program?

Civil Aviation Safety Inspectors - Occupational Health and Safety (CASI-OH&S) are delegated that responsibility.

For additional information on this or any other subject pertaining to Aviation Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) for employees working on board aircraft in operation, please contact your nearest regional CASI-OH&S.

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