Appendix B: List of Suggested Reference Publications

The following is a list of suggested reference study material which will assist a candidate in the successful completion of all Transport Canada AME technical examinations. However, this reference list should not be interpreted as an absolute list of all reference study material used by Transport Canada.

The latest revision of the following manuals:

A&P Mechanics - General Handbook AC65-9A
A&P Mechanics - Powerplant Handbook AC65-12
A&P Mechanics - Airframe Handbook AC65-15A
Jeppesen A&P Technician General Textbook
Jeppesen A&P Technician Powerplant Textbook
Jeppesen A&P Technician Airframe Textbook
ASA Aviation Maintenance Technician Series -Dale Crane - General
ASA Aviation Maintenance Technician Series -Dale Crane - Powerplant
ASA Aviation Maintenance Technician Series -Dale Crane - Airframe
Aircraft Basic Science - Kroes /Rardon /Bent/McKinley
Aircraft Maintenance and Repair - Delp/Bent/McKinley
Aircraft Electricity and Electronics - Eismin/Bent/McKinley
Aircraft Inspection and Repair EA-AC 43.13- 1B & 2A
Fundamental of Helicopter Maintenance EA-HF-2
DC Circuits EA-DCC
Avionics Fundamentals EA-AV
Aviation Electronics EA-352
Electronic Circuit Devices EA-192-1
Aircraft Radio Systems EA-356
Basic Electronics and Radio Installation EA-BEM
Aircraft Electrical Systems - Light & Twin Engine EA-357
Aircraft Instrument Systems EA-AIS
Automatic Flight Control - E.H.J. Pallett  
Aircraft Sheet Metal EA-SM
Aircraft Corrosion Control EA-CC-1
Aircraft Painting and Finishing EA-AP-2
Aircraft Bonded Structures EA-NMR
Aircraft Fabric Covering EA-ADF
Synthetic Fabric Covering EA-307
NDT Testing in Aircraft EA-AP-2
Advanced Composites EA-358
Standard Aviation Maintenance Handbook EA-282-0
Aircraft Technical Dictionary EA-ATD-3
A&P Technician General Textbook EA-ITP-G2
A&P Technician Powerplant Textbook EA-ITP-P2
A&P Technician AirframeTextbook EA-ITP-A2
Aircraft Systems and Components EA-393
Transport Category Aircraft Systems EA-363
Aircraft Hydraulic Systems EA-AH-1
Aircraft Air Conditioning EA-AAC-1
Aircraft Tires and Tubes EA-ATT-2
Aircraft Wheels, Brakes&Antiskid Systems EA-AWB
Aircraft Gas Turbine Powerplants EA-TEP
Aircraft Reciprocating Engines EA-ARE
Aircraft Governors EA-AGV
Aircraft Propeller and Controls EA-APC
Aircraft Fuel Metering Systems EA-FMS
Aircraft Ignition and Electrical Power EA-IGS
The Jet Engine Rolls-Royce
Aircraft Powerplants Brent/McKinley
Aircraft Batteries EA-AB-1
Electrical Systems for A&P EA-412
Fundementals of Aircraft Material Factors EA-340
Intorduction to Flight Test Engineering EA-225-1
Aircraft Weight and Balance EA-BAL
Applied Science for the Aircraft Technician EA-AS
The Best of AMJ Maintenance Tips EA-341
Aircraft Mechanics Shop Manual Larry Reighmaier
Aircraft Mechanics Specifications Handbook Pittsburgh Institute of Technology

Candidates are encouraged to stay abreast of the latest regulatory and technical developments in aviation by learning from as wide a range of aviation publications as possible.