General Information

CAR 401.13(1)

Prior to taking a written examination, an applicant for a flight crew permit, licence or rating shall meet the prerequisites for the examination set out in the personnel licensing standards with respect to

  1. medical fitness;
  2. identification;
  3. a recommendation from the flight instructor who is responsible for the training of the applicant; and
  4. experience.


Applicants for the Commercial Pilot Licence in the Aeroplane Category shall demonstrate their knowledge by writing a Transport Canada multiple choice examination on the subjects contained in this guide. Applicants must be able to read the examination questions in either English or French without assistance.

All subjects in this guide are considered to be important to applicants for the Commercial Pilot Licence - Aeroplane. Some of the subjects appeared in the Private Pilot study guide. Additional subjects, and those where more depth of understanding is required at the commercial level, are shaded (this paragraph is an example). Subjects marked with a bullet () are considered essential knowledge for the commercial applicant.

CAR 400.02

  1. Except as authorized by an invigilator, no person shall, or shall attempt to, in respect of a written examination,
    1. copy or remove from any place all or any portion of the text of the examination;
    2. give to or accept from any person a copy of all or any portion of the text of the examination;
    3. give help to or accept help from any person during the examination;
    4. complete all or any portion of the examination on behalf of any other person; or
    5. use any aid or written material during the examination.
  2. A person who commits an act prohibited under subsection (1) fails the examination and may not take any other examination for a period of one year.


A pencil is required for rough work. Electronic calculators are useful and are permitted if their memory is cleared before and after the examination. Computers capable of storing text are not approved. Navigation tools (ruler/scale, protractor, flight computer) are required for the navigation questions. A list of approved electronic navigation computers is available at:


Examinations, including all sections of a sectionalized examination, that are required for the issuance of a permit or licence or for the endorsement of a permit or licence with a rating shall be completed during the 24-month period immediately preceding the date of the application for the permit, licence or rating.

CAR 400.04(1)

Subject to subsections (2) and (6), a person who fails an examination or a section of a sectionalized examination required for the issuance of a flight crew permit, licence, rating or foreign licence validation certificate is ineligible to rewrite the examination or the failed section for a period of

  1. in the case of a first failure, 14 days;
  2. in the case of a second failure, 30 days; and
  3. in the case of a third or subsequent failure, 30 days plus an additional 30 days for each failure in excess of two failures, up to a maximum of 180 days.


Feedback statements on the results letter will inform the candidate where questions were answered incorrectly.

Example of Feedback Statement

Identify the atmospheric conditions favourable to thunderstorm formation.