Corporate Services

The Assistant Deputy Minister ( ADM ), Corporate Services is responsible and accountable for providing corporate leadership in the formulation, establishment, implementation and monitoring of policies, plans, guidelines, best practices, systems, standards and processes respecting corporate management programs in the Department.

The ADM is also accountable for providing leadership, oversight and advice for the 16 Crown Corporations in the Minister’s portfolio.

The Corporate Services Group in Headquarters comprises four directorates and four branches:

The services provided by these directorates/branches are continuously evolving to adapt to the changing needs of Transport Canada and play an essential role in supporting and achieving the Department’s mandate.

The ADM is responsible for overseeing the delivery of these services to Transport Canada Headquarters and nationally where such services are centralized. He is also responsible for the functional oversight of the five regions. In each of the five regions, regional Corporate Services (Finance, Administration, IM/IT , Human Resources) are delivered through dedicated units reporting to the Regional Directors General.