Allowing Product Identification Numbers for restricted-use vehicles

Current status: CLOSED

Open on November, 17, 2021 and closing on January, 7, 2022.

Transport Canada regulates the safety of motor vehicles and equipment to keep Canadian roads safe. Vehicle manufacturers and importers must certify that all new imported vehicles, or vehicles manufactured in one province and sold in another, comply with Canada’s safety regulations and standards.

In February 2020, the Motor Vehicle Safety Regulations were modified. During this modification, the prescribed class “restricted-use motorcycle” was modified and renamed to “restricted-use vehicle”. The definition for “restricted-use vehicle” now includes more types of vehicles. This change means that some vehicles that didn’t need a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) now need one since February 2021

While this requirement isn’t a problem for Canadian manufacturers, some U.S. manufacturers use Product Identification Numbers (PIN) and are not able to get a World Manufacturers Identifier which they need to generate a VIN.

Transport Canada wants to update the regulations to allow restricted-use vehicles to use a PIN instead of a VIN. We want your feedback on this idea.

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How to participate

All Canadians and stakeholders can email feedback to us until January 7th 2022.

As set out in sections 19 and 20 of the Access to Information Act, be sure to identify any parts of your comments that we shouldn’t make public because they include personal information or third-party information. Explain why your comments should be kept private, and for how long.

Email your comments to, and include “Consultation - Product Identification Numbers” in the subject line.

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