Comment on the proposed amendments to Schedule X of the Contraventions Regulations

Current status: Closed

Open from February 19, 2021 to March 31, 2021.

The Government of Canada wants to increase the fine amounts under Schedule X of the Contraventions Regulations that are related to trespassing and to actions that obstruct the safe flow of trains. The objective is to have the fines serve as a more effective deterrent and consequently, to enhance the safety and security of the rail system, the employees and passengers of the trains and the surrounding communities.

Schedule X of the Contraventions Regulations outlines fines for offences under the Railway Safety Act:

  • Section 26.1: Enter on land on which a line work is situated (current fine $100, set in 1998), and
  • Section 26.2: Failure to give way to railway equipment at a road crossing (current fine $150, set in 2006)

As shown by the recent increase in trespassing and other interference on Canada’s rail infrastructure, the existing fine amounts are not high enough to deter those who commit these acts. Transport Canada wants to increase these fines to:

Transport Canada wants to increase these fines to:

  • $500 for violating Section 26.1, and
  • $750 for violating Section 26.2

These increases would help to deter dangerous acts and would bring these fines to a level more consistent with other transport-related fines under the Contraventions Regulations.

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