Let’s Talk: Long-term anchoring

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Open on October, 11, 2023 and will be closed on December, 11, 2023.

Transport Canada wants to know if you think changing Canada’s rules would be a good way to manage vessels that anchor long-term.


The Canada Shipping Act, 2001 defines a vessel as “a boat, ship or craft designed, used or capable of being used solely or partly for navigation in, on, through or immediately above water, without regard to method or lack of propulsion, and includes such a vessel that is under construction. It does not include a floating object of a prescribed class.” This definition includes boats, but also other non-traditional vessels like floating accommodations and spud barges (a barge held in place by steel masts secured to the bottom of the body of water).

In recent years, Transport Canada has learned of situations where non-traditional vessels have been anchored long-term within Canada. Having vessels anchored long-term for recreation has raised concerns about the environment, safety, and public access. The Minister of Transport has a mandate under both the Canadian Navigable Waters Act and the Canada Shipping Act 2001 to protect the marine environment, while preserving commercial and recreational navigation and boating safety.

As such, Transport Canada wants to know if you think we should regulate (create rules for) long-term anchoring. We want your views on when and where it would make sense to regulate long-term anchoring.

Should the consultations indicate sufficient interest in having an opportunity to restrict long-term anchoring, Transport Canada would consider incorporating restrictions to this effect into the Vessel Operation Restriction Regulations (VORR). The VORR provide a mechanism for local authorities, municipal and provincial governments to regulate boating activities on their waters, and delegate enforcement powers to local enforcement authorities. Local authorities submit applications to Transport Canada on a regular basis seeking new restrictions. A restriction on long-term anchoring could be added for those instances where the anchoring poses a safety or environmental risk.

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Register online at Let’s Talk Transportation and share your comments on our discussion questions or upload a document through the Submissions tab. You can also respond to our survey.

Who is the focus of this consultation

We want to hear from stakeholders and the Canadian public. Your feedback is important! All Canadians are invited to participate in the online discussion.

Key questions for discussion

If you believe long-term anchoring of vessels should be restricted in some way, please explain when and why restrictions should be introduced?

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