Let’s Talk Marine Safety – Modernizing vessel traffic services

Current status: Closed

Open on July 11, 2022 and will close on October 17, 2022.

Canada tracks and manages marine traffic via three different regulations. Transport Canada wants your feedback on creating a new regulation to replace these three existing regulations.

Transport Canada is proposing to:

  • combine and update the Vessel Traffic Services Zones Regulations, the Northern Canada Vessel Traffic Services Zone Regulations and the Eastern Canada Vessel Traffic Services Zone Regulations
  • make sure that applications are consistent between all three regulations
  • make the regulations more flexible so they can be used as technology evolves
  • streamline reporting requirements so they’re consistent through Vessel Traffic Services zones
  • add new mandatory reporting requirements which are already included in the in the Canadian Coast Guard’s Radio Aids to Marine Navigation

Who was this consultation for?

All Canadians were invited to participate in the online consultation. Those with a particular interest may have included mariners and the marine industry in general.

Discussion questions

  • Do you agree or disagree with the regulation we’ve proposed?
  • Do you have concerns about the updates we want to make to the (Proposed) Vessel Traffic Services Regulations?

What we heard

Report date: January 20, 2023

We received seven comments and one submission from this consultation. Participants agreed that consolidating the three regulations and standardizing reporting mechanisms would benefit stakeholders and create a more consistent national approach for reporting.

Participants liked the idea of using Radio Aids to Marine Navigation for the regulations’ technical details. They also agreed that being able to update publications, like Radio Aids, more regularly would also benefit mariners. In addition, some participants noted issues with “Calling in Points” in various regions even though these regulations don’t apply to them.

Participants also mentioned changing the application for vessels 20 metres (m) or more several times. However, there would be no change in the application for vessels 20 m or more that are in the Vessel Traffic Services Zones.

In addition, it should be noted that those exempted are ships engaged in towing or pushing any vessel or object within a log booming ground. A pleasure yacht that is less than 30 m in length and fishing vessels that are less than 24 m in length and not more than 150 gt would continue to be exempted to the reporting requirements in the proposed regulations.

Next steps

We have reviewed and considered the feedback we received through this consultation. We will continue to consult with stakeholders as this regulatory project progresses. Once again, thank you to everyone who participated.

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