Proposed Maritime Safety Management System Regulations, 2021

Current status: Closed
Open on July 27, 2020 and will be closed on October 7, 2020.

Since 2009, Transport Canada has worked with the Canadian marine industry and the public on using safety management systems in the marine sector. A safety management system is a set of procedures, goals, and responsibilities that help manage safety in the workplace. It helps reduce accidents and reduce human error, as well as prepare for, and respond to, emergencies.

Through consultation and a detailed cost-benefit analysis, Transport Canada has developed a realistic and affordable proposal for adding safety management system requirements to more Canadian vessels.

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Key questions for discussion

  1. How could using safety management systems improve safety culture in Canada's marine sector?
  2. Based on the proposed tiered system, do safety management system requirements make sense for companies operating vessels less than 500 gross tonnage? Tell us your views from an economic and safety perspective.
  3. Would confidence in Canada's marine transportation system increase when safety management system regulations apply to more Canadian vessels?

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