Share and view ideas: Alternative requirements for designing, constructing, and safety equipment for aquaculture barges

Current status: Closed

Open on July 22, 2022 and will be closed on September 22, 2022.

Currently, the requirements for inspecting, designing, constructing, equipping, and certifying aquaculture barges that carry or accommodate crew are outlined in 13 different regulations and standards made under the Canada Shipping Act, 2001.

Transport Canada is proposing an alternative option to the design, construction, and safety equipment requirements outlined in the:

  • Hull Construction Regulations
  • Stability, Subdivision, and Load Line Standards, TP 7301
  • Life Saving Equipment Regulations
  • Load Line Regulations
  • Marine Machinery Regulations
  • Ship Electrical Standards, TP 127

Based on this proposal, authorized representatives of barges that want to use the alternative requirements in the policy would need to submit an application to the Marine Technical Review Board. Their application would need to be approved before using the alternative requirements in the policy.

We're looking for stakeholders from Canada's aquaculture industry to submit feedback on this proposed policy.

Join in: How to participate

You can email feedback to:

Who's the focus of this consultation?

We want feedback from stakeholders in the Canadian aquaculture industry, including:

  • aquaculture companies
  • operators of aquaculture barges
  • aquaculture industry associations
  • all other interested parties

Key questions for discussion

  • In your view, is there anything important missing from the policy?
  • Are there any other issues or concerns that you want to raise?

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