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Open on April, 01, 2019 and closed on April, 30, 2019.

Transport Canada has renewed the Interim Order (Interim Order No. 2) for an additional year. The Interim Order was signed by the Minister of Transport Canada on June 10, 2019 and remains in effect until June 10, 2020. The objective and conditions of the Interim Order No. 2 remain the same – promoting aviation and public safety by restricting where individuals can be in possession of battery-powered hand-held lasers over 1 milliwatt ( mW ). Authorities can immediately issue a monetary fine to persons that contravene the Interim Order.

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Transport Canada will continue to be proactive in consulting with stakeholders concerning the Interim Order. Use the contact information below to send us an email.

Who is the focus of this consultation

Given the necessity of issuing the Interim Order due to the immediate risk to aviation safety, initial consultation concerning the development of the Interim Order was limited to a select group of stakeholders, including law enforcement agencies across Canada who will be responsible for enforcing the Interim Order, aviation stakeholders who are vulnerable targets for laser attacks and the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, whose members use hand-held lasers regularly as part of their observation activities.

What we are hearing

The aviation industry, including NAV Canada, is supportive of Interim Order No. 2. It wants strong measures to deter laser attacks and safeguard aviation safety. The Retail Council of Canada has been briefed and consulted about the restrictions on possession of hand-held lasers over 1 mW that are introduced by Interim Order No. 2. The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada ( RASC ) and Fédération des astronomes amateurs du Québec ( FAAQ ) have been consulted on Interim Order No. 2. Discussions have included strategies to ensure that the members of the RASC and FAAQ can conduct their activities despite the Interim Order. Transport Canada’s departmental partners, such as Health Canada, the Department of National Defence and Canadian Border Services Agency, have also been consulted about Interim Order No. 2. No concerns have been expressed by any of the groups consulted.

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