Updating the requirements for exemption labelling

Current status: Closed
Open on December 1, 2020 and will be closed on January 31, 2021.

The Motor Vehicle Safety Regulations set the safety standards that vehicles must meet. Companies who build or import vehicles must certify that their vehicles meet these safety standards in order to sell these vehicles in Canada. The Minister of Transport has the power to exempt companies from one or more of these standards, if a company can prove, in its application, that the vehicle has new innovative or safety features that won't affect the vehicle's overall safety performance. The exemption authority applies to safety standards, not regulations, and to vehicles, not equipment.

When the Minister grants an exemption, the company needs to provide information about the exemption in two separate locations on each exempted vehicle: on the permanently-mounted compliance label and on a temporary window sticker. Together the label and sticker ("exemption labelling") can help consumers and others understand which safety standards the vehicle does not meet.

There is often very little space on vehicles for compliance labels, so long lists of exempted safety standards might need to fit in a small area. This can create various problems, not only for end users who need to extract the information that is important to them from the labels but also for companies who need to design and install these labels. Also, some vehicles may have limited window space for temporary window stickers. So, Transport Canada wants your feedback on ways to improve exemption labelling.

How to participate

All Canadians and stakeholders are invited to email us feedback. For more detailed information, please read through our background document.

Send us an email

Send in your comments by email to RegulationsClerk-ASFB-Commisauxreglements@tc.gc.ca, and include "Exemption Labelling Informal Consultation" in the subject line.

As set out in sections 19 and 20 of the Access to Information Act, be sure to identify any parts of your comments that we shouldn't make public because they include personal information or third-party information. Explain why your comments should be kept private, and for how long.

This means that unless you tell us a section is private, it could appear in any regulatory proposal that Transport Canada publishes in the Canada Gazette.

Key discussion questions

We're looking for feedback on three questions. You can also submit comments about general issues related to exemption labelling.

Please be sure to include data, technical information or other proof to support your comments:

  • What exemption information should be included on the compliance label, and how? Should the compliance label still include a full list, in both official languages, of the numbers and titles of the exempted safety standards?
  • Should the compliance label include the list of exempted safety standards if the list can only be read by a machine (like a QR code)? If so, how could this information be made available to consumers?
  • Are there any other locations for the temporary label other than the windshield or side window?

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