TC’s Indigenous Career Navigator

The Indigenous Career Navigator program gives Indigenous public servants advice and guidance to navigate recruitment, development, and advancement. The program also supports managers, provides guidance on how best to support Indigenous employees at TC, and advises on implementing Indigenous recruitment and retention strategies.

Meet TC’s Indigenous Career Navigator

Hi, I’m Sean Stiff. I was appointed TC’s Indigenous Career Navigator in 2022. You can think of me as an Indigenous recruitment and retention “helpdesk” for TC.

I’m a member of the Peguis First Nation, which is located about 196 km north of Winnipeg. I grew up in Winnipeg’s North End, and later studied Communications at the University of Winnipeg.

If you’re an Indigenous employee, I’m here to provide guidance, support and resources as you navigate your career and look for job opportunities.

If you’re a manager, reach out for help on hiring, onboarding, and supporting Indigenous employees.

Indigenous Career Navigators create environments founded on the principles of Sharing Circles. Guided by the holistic values in the Seven Sacred Teachings — Wisdom, Love, Respect, Bravery, Honesty, Humility, and Truth — Navigators integrate these principles to foster well-being and inclusive practices.

As Indigenous employees, Navigators:

  • know how culturally diverse Indigenous communities are
  • are culturally sensitive, and understand the challenges Indigenous employees face
  • aim to shape the culture of TC and promote behaviours that create a welcoming, respectful, and supportive environment for you

Read more about me and my work: Faces of Change: Hope in a sea of orange

Why contact me?

Career guidance

  • Get advice on planning your career, developing skills, and educational opportunities
  • Identify your career goals and map your path to meet them

Job search help

  • Access to hiring managers and job listings to support your career goals
  • Get help with writing resumes and preparing for interviews

Education and training support

  • Find information about educational programs and training initiatives
  • Get guidance on advancing within the public service

Manager support

  • Obtain an Indigenous lens on hiring, onboarding and supporting Indigenous employees
  • Get support for your job postings and staffing processes

How to contact me

Reach out – I would love to discuss what I can do to help you. Miigwetch.

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