Since 9/11, the efficient and cost-effective flow of goods and people across the Canada / U.S. border has been challenged by new anti-terrorism programs along with increased documentation requirements, additional inspections, and new automated processing demands. Transport Canada supports the efficient, safe, sustainable, and secure movement of goods and people across the Canada / U.S. border. The department continues to leverage its investments and expertise in transportation/infrastructure, ITS technology, security, and transportation data management to help overcome border issues. Construction is currently underway at several border crossings, progress is being made on border wait times, improvements to cross-border data are being pursued, and research continues.

As part of the 2011 Beyond the Border Action Plan, Canada and the United States (U.S). launched a two-pronged border infrastructure initiative. Under the first component, Canada and the U.S. identified Initial Priority border crossings at which significant upgrades are to be made. Further to this, in 2013 Canada announced funding of up to $127 million for major upgrades at the following border crossings: Lacolle, Québec; Lansdowne, Ontario; Emerson, Manitoba; and North Portal, Saskatchewan. The second component of this initiative was a commitment to enhancing Canadian and U.S coordination on border infrastructure projects and future plans. The resulting five-year Border Infrastructure Investment Plan (BIIP) aims to ensure a mutual understanding of available funds for targeted projects and the schedule, scope, and responsibilities for border projects. It is prepared by the Governments of Canada and the U.S. in consultation with provincial/state governments and border operators. The BIIP covers significant upgrades that have an impact on transportation and inspection capacity at the border. Click here to access the first BIIP released in 2013 and here to access the second BIIP completed in 2014.

Click here for access to the third BIIP released in 2016.