Services for Canadians

Transport Canada takes an active role in communities across Canada. We serve you through the national headquarters, in your community through five regional offices and at more than 50 Transport Canada Centres.

Transport Canada also provides a variety of programs and services to Canadian citizens. These programs and services relate to areas such as safety, security, the environment and innovation in transportation by air, land and sea. The department is committed to ensuring Canada has aviation, rail, road and marine transportation systems that are safe, secure, environmentally responsible and innovative.

Browse Transport Canada's service information by searching alphabetically through our A-Z Index or by using the categories below to find out about some of the online services Transport Canada offers:

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Official Languages

Transport Canada supports the Government of Canada's Official Languages Policies, including the Policy on the Use of Official Languages for Communications with and Services to the Public.

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General Services

You can access services that cross all transportation modes and geographical areas by following the links below:

Aviation Services

Transport Canada's General Aviation Online Services related to aircraft registration and leasing, as well as flight crew and traffic controller licensing can be accessed with an e-pass account. The most popular include the following:

Marine Safety Services

Transport Canada's Marine Safety Program protects life, health, property and the marine environment in the context of an efficient and sustainable marine transportation system. Our mandate includes responsibilities related to the safety of vessels, pleasure craft and environmental protection.

Rail Services

Transport Canada's Rail Safety Directorate develops and administers services to achieve the safest railway system for Canadians.

Road Services

A useful online service for Canadian drivers is the Road Safety Recalls Database.

Transportation of Dangerous Goods

The Transport of Dangerous Goods Directorate has chief responsibility for the national program to promote public safety when dangerous goods are transported in Canada. The directorate provides information and guidance to the public and industry on the proper transportation of dangerous goods.

Regional Services

Transport Canada provides services to Canadians through its national headquarters, as well as through five regional offices.