TC Regions

Regional Offices

Transport Canada’s regional offices support and implement national policy in the regions by: promoting, overseeing and enforcing safety and security in the aviation, marine, and rail sectors, and in the transportation of dangerous goods; managing Transport Canada owned assets; engaging and collaborating with key stakeholders including government partners, Indigenous communities, and private industry; and providing strategic policy advice on regional transportation issues.

Newfoundland & Labrador British Columbia Quebec Ontario Nova Scotia Prince Edward Island New Brunswick Yukon Northwest Territories Nunavut Manitoba Saskat- chewan Alberta
Map of Canada showing Transport Canada's regional departments.
  • The Pacific Region (PAC) includes the province of British Columbia.
  • The Prairie and North Region (PNR) includes:
    • Alberta
    • Manitoba
    • Saskatchewan
    • Yukon
    • Northwest Territories
    • Nunavut
  • The Ontario Region (ONT) includes the province of Ontario.
  • The Quebec Region (QUE) includes the province of Quebec.
  • The Atlantic Region (ATL) includes:
    • New Brunswick
    • Newfoundland and Labrador
    • Nova Scotia
    • Prince Edward Island

Pacific Region (PAC)

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Prarie and Northern Region (PNR)

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Ontario Region (ONT)

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Quebec Region (QUE)

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Atlantic Region (ATL)

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